Principal Controller of Defence Accounts - Navy, Mumbai

रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक - नौसेना, मुंबई

Ministry of Defence, Government of India

रक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार


Sr. No Section Name Responsibility Contact
1. Accounts To provide accounting and Financial information to executive authorities, compilation of schedules, To provide timely accurate figure to Govt. for prepation of Financial A/c of Defence services. 22802713
2. Admin Pay & Allowance, Pension, Personal claims, Promotions, Transfers within command, discipline, vigilance, Allotment and maintainance of DAD Accommodation and Guest House located in Mumbai, Kochi, Vizag and Goa. 22802723
3. Costing Cost & Analysis of Labour upstake, Material upstake & Misc. upstake and Production Accounts.
4. Disbursement Authorisation of all disbursement related to Pay & allowance & third party,payment online 22802746
5. EDP Maintenance of website, application servers, Hardware procurement and AMC, Support on Tulip platform, etc. 22802732
6. Fund Cell Maintenance and Payments incl. final settlements in r/o GPF/NPS subscribed by NAVAL Civilians. 22802735
7. Hindi Cell Hindi Patrachar, Quarterly, Annual reports, Training, inspection and Translation of official work. 22802737
8. IA, O&M Cell LAP, LACR, MFAI, Loss statements, Annual Audit Certificate & follow up, Modification of vendor & bank A/c of Units in TULIP,In house training,IDAS probationers training, RTCs and CENTRAD Training, Internal inspectionLocal & Sub-offices). 22802760
9. Imprest Audit & Payment of Imprest Bills, Office expenses Bill, IT bills, post audit of Cash A/c. 22802715
10. IRLA Authorising/Final Settlement of personal claims in respect of Naval Personnel. 22691751
11. Legal Cell Receipt and Disposal of Court Cases,RTI & CPGRAMS. 22802712
12. Pay Section Payment and accounting of pay and allowances of Naval Civilians. 22802756
13. Pension Cell Grant of Pension to Naval Personnel. 22802765
14. Records Receipt and Dispatch of all types of correspondence that is caused any between PCDA(N) & client organisations. 22802744
15. Stores Processing & Payment of 3rd Party bills. 22802718
16. TA Processing of TA/DA/LTC/Advances of TA in respect of Naval personnel and Naval Defence civilians. 22802725
17. Wages Payment of all personal claims including pay & allowances in R/o Naval Industrial Civilians. 22751277